Frank Sansalone R.M.T.

I came to the world of massage as an Engineer. From my first day in massage school I knew I had a unique mindset for the trade. The school I went to just taught the basics of massage. I gave those poor instructors a hard time cause I never let them make statements without explaining why and how. They often had to research my answers. When I graduated I knew mostly Swedish massage techniques that I wasn’t happy with. I felt unsatisfied just rubbing people till the time expired. I took my first trigger point class that same year and found exactly what I was looking for.

Fast forward 11 years and my approach to massage is completely reinvented after over 200 hours of training and 11 years of practice. Every minute and massage stroke has intention and meaning. There is no routine or time wasted. My awareness has really become in tune to reading the body.

I always try to work the muscles in the same direction the blood flows. This gives the client the best chance to eliminate the toxins I release and not have them stuck downstream of the problem area. Its best to book sessions close together at first to purge the body of toxins and then maintain from there as needed.

This year I learned about endermologie and was so impressed with it I went and took the training to get certified. I was blessed to find one of LPG’s latest most advanced machines for sale and was able to obtain it. Endermologie was invented 30 years ago for burn victims to break down scar tissue. Now it has many uses, cellulite reduction, lymph movement and skin rejuvenation are the main interests today. I like it because it moves lymph very efficiently which is another way to detox the body. It also stimulates the beta receptors in fat cells to release making it a great tool for cellulite reduction. The subcutaneous fat layer directly under the skin is responsible for bumpy uneven skin. It is resistant to diet and exercise but not endermologie. When my machine triggers the release of fat it takes it away through the lymph leaving smooth skin. Its absolutely non-evasive and actually healthy for you.


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