Norma Bell-Bandy, BS,R.N.



I have a  love for life and health on all levels of being. This grew out of being close to spirit, nature and people and having a felt sense in my body of daily experiences.

I studied nursing , social work and psychology at Texas Woman’s University. I worked in surgery and ICU at St. Lukes  and Texas Children’s Hospital  in Houston.

I had the honor of studying with the founder of Rolfing, Ida P. Rolf, in 1976, and was certified as a Rolfer in 1977. I took further training and received my advanced certification in 1978. I practiced in the Boulder and Denver areas before moving to Austin full time in 1982. This work changed my life structurally ,emotionally and spiritually. It is a way of life in balance . Posture is a moment in time within your relationship of mind ,body and spirit being expressed through the nervous system.

I also have had the honor of studying with:

~~Mary Burmiester, who brought Jin Shin Jyutsu to the U.S.  It is an incredible art of harmonizing the pulses  –  is a way of helping oneself and others. Jin means compassionate man, Shin means Creator and Jyutsu means Art. It is known as THE ART OF HAPPINESS, THE ART OF LONGEVITY AND THE ART OF BENEVOLENCE.

~~Judith Aston, who worked with Dr. Rolf to create what was then called Patterning later becoming Rolf Movement.

~~Upledger Institute – studied cranial and visceral manipulation and has extensive hands on experience.

~~Somatic Experience – the work of Peter Levine – releasing trauma from the body –

~~Bodynamics –

~~Biofeedback — Life and Health coach

~~Functional Movement Certification

~~Bach flower training

ROLFING is a path into oneself structurally, functionally and emotionally. Its purpose is to organize the body through the myofascial system in relation to gravity and your environment. With more integrity and order in the body everyday activities can be done with more efficiency ,ease and presence.

The work speaks to the structural relationships within the body and to your environment  physically and emotionally.  these  changes stimulate and enliven other areas of ones life which  facilitate health and assist you in the process of self discovery through your body. Rolfng is a 10 session series, yet you can explore the process without committing to all ten and receive noticeable benefits .

Feel free to call with any questions you may have.  512 328-4424 or 512 328 4041

I feel blessed to have my daughter Brianna Bell Bandy doing this work as well – Rolf Method of Structural Integration -here at Austin Holistic Health. We are available for “four handed sessions. ”